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Cellular blinds

Why choose cellular blinds?

Cellular blinds, sometimes called honeycomb blinds, are made from pleated fabric that forms a honeycomb pattern. This design makes them really good at insulating your room – the larger the pleat, the more energy efficient. This will save you up to 50% on your heating bills compared with a window without a cellular pleated blind. They even have noise-reducing capabilities. Cellular blinds can either filter gentle light through into your room – perfect for living rooms – or black out the light completely – ideal for bedrooms. They look great too, crisp and contemporary, with the inner cords contained within the material for a neat finish.

About our cellular blinds

Our cellular blinds are available in a range of pleat sizes to offer a different look and varying levels of energy efficiency. They even come in single, double or triple layers. There are cordless options available which make them safe for children’s bedrooms and family rooms. We have a range of light-filtering or black out materials in colours to complement any room’s colour scheme.

Why choose us?

  • Versatile – with fabrics and finishes to suit any room
  • High quality – manufactured to the highest standards
  • Customisable – choose from top down/bottom up and even motorised.
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